EYV First Assignment, “The Square Mile”, Initial Ideas and Possibilities

Whenever I get a brief, a proposal or an assignment my mind usually get flooded by ideas; initial thoughts, possibilities and things I want to do. My mind was made for brainstorming. It’s really good at it. So good, in fact, that unless I have the time of mapping things out and thinking throughly over a couple of days I end up in a state of overwhelmed paralysis. Because I know I can’t possibly do it all.

Expressing Your Vision – First Assignment, “The Square Mile”

The Square Mile, or Welsh “Y Filltr Sgwar”, assigment is supposed to be a starting point. A way of the tutor getting to know the student, and the student to start learning. – or getting into the habit of making and thinking pictures. The short version of the brief is in the quote below. It reminds me about pretty much all other projects I’ve had. I usually take pictures where I am, rather than going somewhere in order to make images.

In our earliest years we know a patch of ground in a detail we will never know anywhere again – site of discovery and putting names to things – people and places – working with difference and similitude – textures, smells – also of play, imagination, experiment – find the best location for doing things – creating worlds under our own control, fantasy landscapes.

(Professor Mike Pearson)


  • Dovregata or Home (my parents’ place).
  •  Doing the assigment litterary a square mile around my Dovregata, using google maps as a guiding tool for finding the boarders of the appropriate area. – or
  • Focusing on the places I usually go when I and taking that as an opertunity to look at my daily life with renewed curiosity.
  • Thinking about the square mile in an even more metaphorical way and focusing on what’s mainly my sources of inspiration, joy and struggles.


  • Architecture/buildings
  • People – street photography-style, or using friends as models.
  • The Parks!
  • Only Night time shots?
  • Dogs, cats or other non-human neighbours?
  •  Life at Neuf (going full on a personal level circle?).
  • Coffee places <3


  • Loose, street smart.
  • More formal (which I seldom do), with tripods and planning.
  • Natural vs. artificial light.
  • Shooting film; Half-frame 2×1 style? Double exposures? Medium format 6×6 or 6×9?
  • Borrow CF’s panormama camera? – making a series vertical xpan images…
  • All? :p

Would be fun to make prints. Aquarelle paper and paintery orange cityscapes perhaps. A tiny tint of impressionism/pictoralism. Exploring. I have never done just that before. Might be fun.