Editing and Sequencing «The Square Mile» – series

A pile of prints on the floor

Photography and the Art of Reduction It is said that unlike painting, where you ad impressions to a blank canvas, photography is the art of reduction. Reducing the amount of unnecessary clutter within the frame, reducing our multidimensional understanding of the word into a 2d frame. A frame that sometimes even doesn’t show colour. Reducing […]

“The Square Mile” Idea Development and Research

Photograph of notebooks with ramblings of idea development

In my initial response to the Square Mile brief I thought a lot about The Wheres, The Whats and The Hows. But I forgot about The Why. Well, my conscious mind forgot about The Why. And I let it wander. Knowing I would come back to it eventually. After all, it’s the why-we-do-things part that is important. The […]

EYV First Assignment, “The Square Mile”, Initial Ideas and Possibilities

Whenever I get a brief, a proposal or an assignment my mind usually get flooded by ideas; initial thoughts, possibilities and things I want to do. My mind was made for brainstorming. It’s really good at it. So good, in fact, that unless I have the time of mapping things out and thinking throughly over a couple […]